Information Security Essentials

Information Security is the practice of protecting information by mitigating risks. InfoSec practices are built around 3 objectives, commonly known as CIA:

  1. Confidentiality - information is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals.
  2. Integrity - accuracy and completeness of data is maintained.
  3. Availability - information is available when needed.

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Fun Facts


Gartner forecasts the worldwide information security market will reach $170.4 billion in 2022. 1

Every 39 seconds

There is a hacker attack in the US every 39 seconds, 2,244 times a day. 1  43% of breach victims were small businesses. 2


The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. 1  The cost to publicly traded companies is even greater, averaging $116 million. 2

93% of Healthcare

93 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach over the past three years, and 57 percent have had more than five data breaches during the same timeframe. 1

9 out of 10

Almost 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error or behavior. 1

34 Percent

34% of data breaches involved internal actors. 1


$17,700 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks. 1  94% of malware is delivered via email. The number one type of email attack is phishing, accounting for more than 80% of reported incidents. 2

$10.5 Trillion Annually

Cybercrime is projected to cost the world $10.5 Trillion Annually by 2025. 1

$1,178 per Employee

The average annual security spending per employee doubled from $584 in 2012 to $1,178 in 2018. 1

3 Billion Accounts

3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked in one of the biggest breaches of all time. 1

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